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Living With My Supersized Pets

Duration: 1 x 60'

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This astonishing yet fun film explores the unusual relationship between extraordinary pets and their colourful owners.

We meet a Russian family with a 7ft brown bear, an Australian living with a deadly salt water crocodile and an American couple with a one-ton buffalo. Why do some people own a pet that could feasibly kill them?

The UK’s pet population stands at a staggering 54 million. But, for some, owning a cat or a dog just isn’t enough… Around the world thousands of dangerous animals live as human companions. This documentary from Barcroft Productions for Channel 4 reveals why a bear, crocodile and a one-ton buffalo were chosen to be part of the family and why some people own a pet that could feasibly kill them.

Stepan, a Russian 7 foot 55 stone bear regularly has breakfast and tea with his owners Yuri and Svetlana. Jilly, a 9 foot deadly saltwater crocodile in the suburbs of Melbourne, has sleepovers at her owner Vicki’s house. Meanwhile, Mike and Valerie in Minnesota are parents to a one-ton buffalo called Cody – who has to be showered in the local car wash and who joins them for a drink at the local bar with them. Elsewhere, Larry from New York has spent 30 years working with dangerous creatures including a tiger who he sent to live with Michael Jackson.

Bear About the House: Living With My Supersized Pet, explores the unusual relationship between the colourful owners and their pets. Why do they make a wild beast part of the family? Director Ross Haley uncovers the reasons owners choose such extraordinary or dangerous animals, even allowing them into their homes.

For Channel 4

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