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Monkey World

Duration: 3 x 52'

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In this fascinating and insightful three part series we follow some of the most endearing and endangered primates on the planet, including the loveable Orphaned Orangutans, the fun loving Woolly monkeys, and the secretive nocturnal Slow Loris.

Each episode gains exclusive footage and behind the scenes access to the wonderful Monkey World sanctuary's, and explores different themes from parenting and child development to protection and rehabilitation.

Orange Hooligans focuses on the European Creche of these tiny orphaned tots where little hearts are mended through friendships and foster moms. These characters are very hairy, fairly unpredictable, hugely loveable and very orange!

Woolly Tale is the story of one of the most endearing primates on the planet, woolly monkeys. We follow the extraordinary efforts to care for and protect this endangered species and along the way we meet the colourful characters, who have captured their hearts.

Little Monsters is the story of a secretive species, slow loris are a small nocturnal primate with two tongues and a toxic bite. We follow Monkey World and their sister sanctuary, Dao Tien, as they try to save this species and return them to the wild.

Orange Hooligans

In this episode we delve into the world of the European Crèche for Orphan Orangutans.

Set up 15 years ago to care for baby orangutans from across Europe who had been orphaned, or rejected by their mothers, we follow the story behind why the crèche was created, and some of the crazy characters that have found a home, and family there.

Since opening its doors the crèche has taken on 12 vulnerable orphans, and each charismatic little character arrives with their own particular set of needs. The parks primate care staff hand rear the babies until they are old enough to join the crèche full time and then the foster mums take over looking out for the youngsters. The ultimate goal is get the orphans to develop strong social bonds with other orangutans, so there’s lots of playtime for these little hooligans.

But the crèche isn’t just about caring for loveable little orangutans, it was set up by Monkey World to solve a big problem. Female orangutans, who are orphans themselves, tend to reject their babies as they don’t know how to look after them, this is known as the cycle of abandonment. And there’s great excitement at the park when two adult females, who graduated from the crèche, become mum’s and raise their babies.

From nurturing new lives to mending years of damage - this is the story of the Orange Hooligans!

Woolly Tale

In this episode we learn about a South American species, woolly monkeys. Known for their strong family bonds, these fun loving, prehensile tailed forest dwellers are under threat in the wild, but in a bizarre twist of events they are now facing extinction even faster in captivity.

For the last 20 years, Dr Alison Cronin and the Monkey World team have been caring for, and learning about, these beautiful but delicate primates. In that time the worldwide captive population has plummeted leaving Monkey World as the only place where they are still thriving.

We follow the teams work as they learn how to hand rear rejected woolly babies, from their first, Julio who then goes on to led his own group after moving to France. And Bueno Junior, who had a rough start after being born by emergency C section, who’s then successfully integrated back into a woolly family.

There are three family groups at the park, all led by a dominant male, when much loved Bueno passes away it’s a fragile time for the Barn Woollies, but the park finds a new dominant male, Chippy who is in need of a new home. Woollies are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, and park works hard to provide the right environment for them, this involves moving the primates to different groups to reduce stress, and even setting up a new bachelor group.

This is the story of Monkey Worlds extraordinary efforts to care for and protect this endangered species and along the way we meet the colourful characters, who have captured their hearts.

Little Monsters

In this episode we learn about the secret life of an unusual and tiny nocturnal primate, the slow loris. This little known species looks cute, but appearances can be deceiving, they have two tongues and a toxic bite so have been nicknamed little monsters.

For more than a decade Monkey World’s sister sanctuary Dao Tien have been fighting to save this species from poachers and the illegal pet trade. We follow their journey to rescue, rehabilitate and release Pygmy slow loris back into the wild. But as illegal pet trade becomes a global problem, Monkey World will have to go further than ever before to protect these primates.

We follow Dr Alison Cronin as she rescues Bengal slow loris from the Maldives, Hong Kong and the Lebanon, all have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade and can’t be returned to the wild. She sets up a new home for them at Monkey World so they can live a more natural life and in doing so, the team can learn how to care for and protect this endangered species.

From nurturing new lives to mending years of damage - this is the story of one team's efforts to save these remarkable Little Monsters.




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