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Project Manta

Duration: 1 x 52'

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This captivating documentary reveals the extraordinary life of one of the largest and smartest marine animals – the manta ray.

Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers, and they’re smart. With the largest brain to body size of any living fish, these mesmerisingly graceful creatures are intelligent. They curiously interact with people, travel vast distances, and show surprisingly complex behaviour. But mantas are under threat, and this at a time when they could be key indicators of our rapidly changing world.

Join Australian biologist Dr. Kathy Townsend and her PROJECT MANTA team reveal the mantas’ secret world. Journey to manta hotspots in Mexico, Micronesia, the Maldives and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef where they discover breathtaking feeding frenzies and rare mating rituals.


Film and Festival Awards!
US International Film & Video Festival ,Los Angeles/USA:CREATIVE EXCELLENCE category Nature & Wildlife Documentaries
10th Celebrate the Sea Festival (CTS), Manado/Indonesia:Award for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT in a Feature Documentary
ACS Awards (Australian Cinematographers Society),State Awards (SA & WA):SILVER Award Wildlife & Nature Films
3rd Place for Best Professional Underwater Production
Méditerranéa – Festival International de l’Image Sous – marine et de l’Aventure, Antibes/France:Award of Distinction, International Underwater Film Competition
Australian Museum Eureka Prize, Sydney/Australia:Eureka Prize for best Science Journalism
BLUE Ocean Film Festival , Monterey/USA:Best Documentary Marine & Earth Sciences

Further finalist Awards!

IWFF (International Wildlife Film Festival), Missoula/USA:
Finalist for Best TV Program mid-budget
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole/USA:
Finalist for Best Conservation Program
ATOM Awards (Australian Teachers of Media), Melbourne/Australia:
Finalist Best Documentary Science, Technology & The Environment
38. Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine (World Festival of Underwater Pictures):
Marseille/France, Finalist Best Professional Underwater Documentary
9th San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, San Francisco/USA:
Finalist Best Documentary Ocean Conservation/Marine Sciences
New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards, NAB Show/USA:
Finalist Best TV Documentary Nature & Wildlife

Project Manta
Project Manta
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