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Psycho Pussies: Mad Cat Attacks

Duration: 1 x 52'

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Psycho Pussies is an amusing look at lives of cats who make their owners lives hell! Cats are loveable, often hilarious but sometimes... complete psychopaths!

Inter-cut with hilarious cat clips and with analyses from a vet and a cat behaviourist, we see cats in all their bonkers glory.

In the UK alone, there’s a whopping 11 million felines lounging around our homes, but for some owners having a cat is a bit like sharing your sofa with a serial killer!

Moggy’s may be domesticated in our eyes but they’re wild at heart. Just like their bigger cousins around the world, cats are hunting machines, ready to pounce on unsuspecting fingers at any moment.

In this hour-long episode, we meet some of Britain’s craziest cats, and some so ferocious they regularly attack their loyal owners.

There’s Milo, a cat so savage, that one of his attacks resulted in owner Cath being hospitalised for 4 days!

The suave and debonair, D’Artagnan who’s more a lover than a fighter. This manic moggy is constantly getting amorous with his owner Sarah’s dressing gown! And if she dares bring a man into the house, the jealous silver fox cat will lay claim to Sarah and attack any potential suitor…

Devon Rex cat Kitty has a problem with his owner Yasmine’s face. Not good when she’s a face model! The young cat is always ready to pounce and attack Yasmine’s money maker…

Jaws, a cat so ferocious no post, or dogs, are safe in his company….

And the aptly named Sid Vicious. This feral punk rocker of a cat comes to eat 6 times a day, every day, at the house of cat lover Janice. She will do anything for her beloved Sid, but the feral moggy is only interested in eating, then leaving! Janice desperately wants to tame the wild cat, but Sid has no interest ‘cat swearing’ every time a hand comes near him.


TBI Hot Pick 2019

For Channel 5

Psycho Pussies
Psycho Pussies
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