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Dr Xand's Con or Cure - Format

Exposing Medical Fraud

Duration: Series

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This informative series tells cautionary tales by exposing poor practice and phony treatments, whilst raising red flags in the world of medicine. 

A qualified doctor and a journalist will be investigating and giving answers on a wide range of health issues. 

In this health consumer show dedicated to righting the wrongs of ‘bad medicine’, Dr Xand van Tulleken and journalist Ashley John Baptiste look to expose medical fraud, explode false news, explain topical health and showcase extraordinary cases.

Out and about and presenting from the ‘health hub’, audiences will feel like they have stepped into their doctor’s surgery, with the pair answering the medical questions and issues viewers need to resolve.

They will expose tales of rogue doctors, topical fads and holiday health horrors, while Dr Xand will offer practical advice – what to look out for, what to do if caught up in something untoward and how to be better at navigating fact from fiction.

Specialist guest experts will also be on hand to answer viewers’ questions and to offer pinpointed practical advice.

For BBC1

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