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Stutter School

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With unprecedented access to a ground-breaking speech programme, Stutter School joins four brave stutterers on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to confront their fears, overcome their stutter, and transform their lives.

Over four intensive, confronting and emotionally charged days our families will attend The Mcguire Programme, a residential course run by stutterers for stutterers, which will push the families to breaking point. For our four new students, it’s a last-ditch bid to try and regain control of who they are.

For each of our participants, the stakes are enormous. What will the four days bring? Will they succeed? And what difference will it make in their lives?

At 64 years-old, Paul is the oldest student and has had a stutter since he was five. Paul’s dream was to join the police force, but he was rejected because of his stutter. Paul’s stutter stopped him from making a speech at his wedding, and at his children’s 18th and 21st birthdays. It’s left him feeling “useless” and he’s hoping stutter school will help him change that.

Eighteen-year old April dropped out of school two years ago, unable to cope with the embarrassment of being a teenage stutterer. She lives at home with her parents and runs an online clothing business, revamping and selling vintage clothes. April hides her stutter and avoids speaking whenever she can... which means avoiding people. April’s isn’t convinced that this course will be able to help her.

The youngest member of the course is 12-year-old Marcus, a keen basketballer. Like April, Marcus hides his stutter, which means he avoids looking people in the eye and is struggling at school. Marcus is here with his mum, Lina, who is hoping he can tackle the problem before it starts to significantly hurt his life and opportunities.

Then there’s 20-year-old Raizo, a refugee from the Congo, whose efforts to build a new life for himself, and find acceptance, are thwarted by his inability to get the words out.


GOLD Award for Community Service Programs


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