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Life On The Psych Ward

Duration: 1 x 60'

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The wards of the Forensic Services are among the most dangerous places to work – this is the first time cameras have been allowed inside this hidden world. This programme is a moving account of people coming to terms with the trauma they have caused and hoping for another chance.

The wards are home to more than 100 patients, many of whom have committed serious acts of violence and are considered too mentally disordered to be in prison.

Patients are eventually released but how do you decide to discharge someone who’s committed terrible acts of violence in the past? This programme follows patients as they face the prospect of discharge after decades under lock and key.

James, a former armed robber, is serving a life sentence for a violent stabbing. He desperately wants to get better so he can return to the outside world.

John is another lifer who was found guilty of attempted murder. Now, after more than twenty years of treatment, he’s beginning to make visits outside the hospital.

For Channel 4

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