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*New* Race To The Altar - Format

Travel meets Weddings

Duration: Series

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This social experiment explores whether true love can blossom, when paired couples face the most demanding travel adventure as they race to the Altar thousand of miles away.

In this supreme relationship compatibility test, couples are professionally paired together by Relationship Experts, before meeting for the first time, getting their itinerary and embarking on a journey to exotic, dangerous and challenging locations before the ultimate fairytale wedding.

At every destination, the couples will face personal challenges, some mental and some physical before deciding if they want to move on to the next location or call it quits! Each episode shows couples patience being tested as they struggle with language barriers, money problems and travel nightmares.

And for those who DO make it by the deadline and decide TO GET married after weeks on the road together, seeing each other at their worst, well they then will be rewarded with a breath-taking wedding.

However in a twist, it’s up to each one individually to decide if they want to show up at the altar on the Big Day!! Will they get hitched or will they get ditched!

The goal is a sincere attempt to find like-minded singles who will listen to each other and are open to expert relationship coaching along the way.

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