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Living with the Boss - Format

A Business Format with a Twist

Duration: Series

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In this new fun and informative format, employees invite their boss to live under their roof in a bid to make a connection and hopefully improve conditions for the whole workforce in the process.

On average, we spend a third of our lifetime working. But just how well do workers know the boss they devote so much of their life to; and how much do bosses really know about their greatest asset – their workforce?

Living with the Boss is the new format where employers move in with staff members for a week to learn more about them as people, and also to find out how they really feel about their jobs.

At the end of each episode, the boss reveals taking part in the experiment to the rest of the workforce. They also announce any changes that will be implemented to benefit the whole workforce, as a direct result of what they have learned from the experience.

From large multi-city companies to small boutique businesses, this uplifting format shakes up work places and showcases everyday life in an authentic and heartwarming way.


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