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Rehab: Lives Addicted

Duration: 1 x 85'

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What goes on inside a drug and alcohol rehab? This powerful, documentary goes behind closed doors to see how people try to beat their addictions and start rebuilding their lives.

Told through a series of intimate encounters we see how often their problems are closely intertwined with complex mental health issues.

Film-maker Phillip Wood meets people with very different stories. But they all have one thing in common – they’re desperately trying to find a way to conquer their addictions.  The film observes the relationships between staff, clients and their families, and witnesses how tough it is for people to start their lives again, especially in a place where emotions run high.

John, a support worker at Broadway Lodge, has been clean for 11 years.  He encounters a young, homeless woman in the grip of addiction and helps her into rehab.   But she fails the assessment because staff think she’s not ready for the arduous and painful journey that a stint in Broadway demands.

Craig, a young father from Blackpool, is hoping to break the cycle of addiction that has plagued not only his life but those of both his parents.  But first he has to hear some painful truths about the way he behaves and how he manages his deep-rooted personality issues.

Emily is on her second attempt to get clean at Broadway but can she overcome the emotional and psychological issues that had her ejected last time?

This eye-opening and intimate film digs deep into the lives of people who can no longer cope with their addictions and shows how often their problems are closely intertwined with complex mental health issues.   Broadway Lodge is a place that offers hope but it also demands great courage and determination.  Some make it but for others it’s just too hard.

For BBC3

Rehab: Lives Addicted
Rehab: Lives Addicted
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