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*New* Bound Together - Format

Ultimate test in Compatibility

Duration: Series

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A Social Experiment series that handcuffs couples together, 24/7 for one month before they get married.

Five couples face the ultimate test in compatibility in this unique social experiment, which will determine if they are ready for a lifelong commitment. Handcuffed together day and night - will our couples decide to marry or separate!

Is this really the person I’m supposed to marry? To answer that question many couples decide to live together before tying the knot, BUT what if they took that step, one giant leap further?

Couples face tough challenges that will push them to their limits, and after a month of being attached at the hip, in sickness and in health, both partners must decide separately, but reveal together – are they going to get married or is it time to walk away, empty handed?

A social experiment based on scientific studies and grounded in couple’s therapy, forcing individuals to confront their relationship communication skills, weaknesses and insecurities.

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