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Emily Atack: Asking For It?

Duration: 1 x 52'

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This frank documentary sees Emily Atack (Inbetweeners) explore her own experience of unwanted sexual attention and the lasting impact of these interactions, whilst also trying to understand what needs to change.

By opening up her life, and her DMs to the public, Emily is attempting to understand why on a daily basis she is sexually harassed online up to 100 times a day and reflecting on how this affects her own sense of identity and confidence in who she is.

The film goes back to Emily's childhood, where early experiences of attracting unwanted sexual attention from a very young age have haunted her to this day. She will speak to her family about this for the very first time. As well as looking into the past, and reflecting on the impact of these intrusions, she’ll also look forward to think about how we can change this.

Following Emily as she continues the debate that saw her try and make cyberflashing illegal, she tries to understand what we can do to, and asks ‘whose responsibility is it?’

Can the law change things and stop the abuse that flows freely into her inbox every day? Or do we need to look to men themselves and understand the psychology behind this behaviour? Do we need a fundamental shift in how some men view women? Emily wants to understand how masculinity, and the pressures it puts on men, might have a role to play. "We all may have to think very differently if we want real sustainable change".

For BBC 2

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