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Immigration: Tearing Our Family Apart

Duration: 1 x 52'

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A heartfelt documentary examining what happens when international borders come into conflict. Following the lives of four families united by their desperate struggle to live together.

Immigration is one of the biggest stories of our time and is affecting many people across the world.

In order for a non-EEA (European Economy Area) spouse to be granted permission to live with their UK citizen partner, that partner must be earning a certain level of income, even if they have children together.  This requirement has led to many families being split up, with children being raised by a single parent.

This heart wrenching documentary, follows the lives of four families, torn between the United Kingdom on one hand, and Thailand, Taiwan, South Africa and Russia on the other. From the joy of finally being back together again, to the sheer agony and tears caused by regular goodbyes.

For Channel 5

Immigration: Tearing My Family Apart
Immigration: Tearing My Family Apart
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