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Stacey Dooley: Stalkers

Duration: 2 x 45'

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In this investigative mini series, Stacey embeds herself within specialist police and victim support stalking units – each dedicated to stopping stalking from escalating into life changing violence, or even murder.

Spending time with both victims and perpetrators, the series uncovers stark details of lives consumed by stalking, and how staff struggle with bringing offenders under control without escalating the danger.

Exploring ex-partner stalking – the most common type of stalking behaviour, Stacey discovers that even when victims think stalking is over, it often isn’t! - and when looking at stranger stalking like obsessed fans or colleagues, the question remains on how to stop stalking long term, and what works better prison or therapy.

Stacey finds out there are no one size fits all answers when it comes to stalking, but with incidents doubling, often resulting in life changing injury – there is no doubt that stalking is becoming an increased problem.


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Episode 1

Stacey explores ex-partner stalking – the most common type of stalking behaviour. 24-year-old Sabrina’s ex is going to trial and she will find out if he is guilty in the eyes of the law. Katie’s ex partner was imprisoned for threatening her and faking her attacking him, but he is now eligible for early release. Steve has just come out of prison for stalking; he admits wanting to hurt his partner, but claims to be a reformed man.

Episode 2

Explores stranger stalking and how to stop stalking long term and what works better prison or therapy? Abby a 21-year-old dancer is stalked by an obsessed fan who has been released from prison and is still stalking her. The police who arrest a Fraud Investigator using his skills to cyberstalk his work colleague, hope to the find key evidence in the case. Tom is a stalker coming to the end of 2 years of therapy but is he over it? Molly’s stalker has skipped bail and she must institute a safety plan. The police arrest a 62-year-old man stalking a physio therapist half his age, for the last 7 years, but where should he be prison or hospital?



What the Press Say:

“Stacey Dooley Is Perfect In This Utterly Terrifying Documentary” - The Guardian, 2022

For BBC 3

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