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Children of Gaza

Duration: 1 x 48'

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BAFTA winning film-maker, Jezza Neuman, follows the lives of three children living in the remnants of the demolished Gaza strip.

In January 2009, over 1,300 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, around 300 of them children. The survivors are increasingly isolated by a blockade that prevents anyone from rebuilding their homes and their lives. This film is a shocking, touching and uniquely intimate reflection on extraordinary courage in the face of great adversity. Despite the horrors these children have witnessed, there is hope and humour in their lives.

The enchanting 9 year old, Amal lost both her 4 year old brother and her father in the conflict. And she was left with shrapnel lodged in her skull. Ironically her uncle must turn to the Israelis for medical help, as her only hope for relief from the blinding headaches that are preventing her from going to school, is an operation in Tel Aviv - if she can get across the border into Israel.

Ibraheem, 11, is from a family of fishermen, and goes out to sea with his uncles whenever he can. Before the war, the Israelis allowed the boats to go up to 18 miles offshore, but now they are kettled into a strip that extends just 2 miles from the beach. Ibraheem knows the Israeli gunboats can open fire on any vessel they judge to pose a potential threat. Back onshore, the games he plays with his friends speak volumes of the horrors they have witnessed.

And 11yr old Omsyate recalls that “suddenly the ceiling fell in, and a bulldozer was in the room.” Shortly afterwards she watched as her little brother was shot dead in their father’s arms. Now she and her family live in a tent, and she still falls to the ground terrified, at any sudden noise. Over the year we see her struggling to adapt to her new life, as the tensions that are just below the surface repeatedly flare up.

What the Press Say:

"It’s brilliantly done, stark and beautifully shot." - Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

"Children Of Gaza: An unflinching portrait of conflict's aftermath" - Metro

"**** Excellent" - Gabriel Tate, Time Out


  • Winner - One World Children's Rights Award 2011
  • Winner - Silver Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival 2011
  • Official Selection - United Nations Association Film Festival 2010
  • Nominee - Iranian International TV Festival - Best Documentary 2-14
  • Nominee - Prix Europa 2011 - TV IRIS Category 2011
  • Nominee Jam e Jam TV Festival - Best International Documentary Award 2010

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