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How To Be A Young Billionaire

Duration: 1 x 52'

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This insightful and often tense documentary charts the journey of three bright, young entrepreneurs seeking fame and fortune in San Francisco’s technology gold rush. 

They join scores of twenty-something app developers drawn to San Francisco by billions of dollars of investment funds and world-class engineering talent. San Francisco is home to the hottest new tech companies in the world. It’s a place where youth and brains count for everything with some investors considering those who are over thirty past it. How to be a Young Billionaire, charts the stories of three young British entrepreneurs who want to change the world and make a fortune, all with their smartphone apps.

22 year old Josh has already made one app and is considered a veteran of the tech scene, being named one of Forbes’ Magazine’s 30 under 30 by the time he was 20. After learning programming in primary school and selling his first company for a six figure sum, at the tender age of 15, he skipped University and bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco. However he now risks losing everything he’s worked for as he ploughs all he has into a new game that needs a $5 million investment to launch. He’s watched as his 24 year old business partner has already had one heart attack and is now scrambling to find investment for his latest app, for young tycoons in San Francisco business really is a matter of life and death.

Compared to Josh, 28 year old Robyn is a relatively fledgling tech entrepreneur. She created her lesbian dating app, ‘Dattch’, out of frustration when she couldn’t find a girlfriend and has successfully launched it in the UK. Now she wants to revolutionise the world of lesbian dating and potentially move her company stateside, but she needs a cool $1 million to make her American dream a reality. Super smart, passionate and with a seemingly great product Robyn manages to captivate an audience at a huge tech summit in New York, but can she convince internet billionaire and founder of Bebo, Michael Birch, to invest in her?

The final Brit we meet is 21 year old Julia, who is currently struggling in her marketing role, trying to get users signed up to a teen confession app. Her boss has tasked her with signing up 100,000 people but she’s currently delivered just 17,000 and her plans to increase them keep running into problems. However, she jokes that she always has plan B- to find herself a ‘Google husband’- with things looking bleak at work will she opt out of the tech game herself to try and find her own Zuckerberg?

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How To Be A Young Billionaire
How To Be A Young Billionaire
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