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Growing Up Poor: Girls

Duration: 1 x 57'

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Filmed over one summer, this sensitive documentary follows three very different teenage girls all on the cusp of adulthood and dealing with the pressures of growing up with one similarity – they are all surviving on benefits.

For Bridie, her hopes of joining the army hinge on her staying out of trouble with the police, but when they patrol your area and things are always kicking off, this is easier said than done. Amber is 16 and pregnant, she’s fortunate that her mum’s there to support her but nonetheless scraping money together for all that she needs is a daunting task, let alone the prospect of motherhood. Like so many British teenagers affected by the recession Shelby is unemployed, but she’s determined to find a job. Currently completing a work placement, she desperately hopes it will develop into a real job.

Each of the girls lets you into their world, and we witness them trying to make their dreams come true.

What the Press Say:

“The recession is hitting Britain’s youth hard… It’s a bleak look at the future of the country” – Mail on Sunday
“A striking documentary follows three very different teenage girls who are all surviving on under a tenner a day” – The Daily Telegraph

For BBC 3

Growing Up Poor: Girls
Growing Up Poor: Girls
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