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Face The Consequences

Duration: 5 x 7

Contact Sales  Collection: Shorts

Young people making reckless lifestyle choices come face to face with someone whose life was destroyed by this kind of behaviour.

Episodes include; Binge Drinking, Online Pain Challenges, Cosmetic Surgery, Tanning Addicts and Reckless Driving.

Episode 1 – Binge Drinking
A wheelchair user who broke his back on an alcohol-fuelled night out confronts four young binge drinkers about their dangerous drinking. But will they change their ways?

Episode 2 – Tanning Addicts
A woman with life-changing facial scars after a malignant melanoma skin cancer diagnosis meets three tan-loving people who are addicted to UV sunbeds and tanning injections.

Episode 3 – Online Pain Challenges
The grieving mother of a dead YouTuber comes face to face with three young people posting potentially dangerous videos that are being copied by young people online. But will they stop?

Episode 4 – Under The Knife
A woman whose disastrous cosmetic surgery left her fighting for her life in a coma meets young people who are thinking of going under the knife. But can she change their minds?

Episode 5 – Reckless Driving
A man left in a wheelchair with a brain injury caused by a high-speed drunken car crash confronts reckless and careless drivers about their potentially lethal driving habits.

For BBC3

Face The Consequences
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