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Britain’s Refugee Children

Duration: 1 x 52'

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This film follows six young would-be asylum seeks from Syria, Sudan and Somalia during the first few months of their life in the UK. Having left their friends and families behind, this sensitive film reveals some of the challenges they face and the constant fear of being sent back home.  

The number of refugees around the world is soaring, with estimates of around 65 million displaced people across the planet. But for those lucky few who manage to escape to a new country, what’s it like to try to build a new life? 

For six months, the film-makers followed a group of recently arrived young refugees and asylum-seekers.  Some arrived with their families but some arrived alone, having left their friends and families behind in countries that were often torn apart by war and internal strife. We are present when some of them received the crucial Home Office decision about whether or not they would be allowed to continue staying in the UK – or be returned to their war-torn homes.

The young people face daily challenges at home and at school, not least with learning a foreign language from scratch, while often the parents struggle to learn English, find a suitable home and prepare themselves for a new life in a foreign land.  And for some of the young people, the fear of being sent back to their home countries is a constant anxiety.

What the Press Say:

“Moving and involving doc” – The Guardian

**** “A moving, straight-bat film…” The Times

For Channel 4

Britain’s Refugee Children
Britain’s Refugee Children
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