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How Not To Die

Series 1 & 2

Duration: 10 x 7'

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A series of short films which combine stand out medical advice with compelling stories of survival from a range of life threatening situations that young people may encounter.

Loosely taking the form of a survival guide, episodes include overdose, acid attack, rip current and avalanche. 21 under 25s will die this week from avoidable causes. How many would still be alive…if they’d seen this?

Series 1 - 6 x 7'

Series 2 : How Not to Die on Holiday - 4 x 7'

Series 1:


Only 1 in 10 people survive an electrocution of 25,000 volts, would you know how to help?

18 year old Hubbard climbed a train when he was struck with a 25,000-volt electric shock from the overhead cables. His best mate didn’t know whether he was dead or alive…


90-95% of Cardiac Arrests are fatal unless someone acts fast - would you know what to do?

18-year-old Ben was working as a waiter when he suddenly collapsed. 12 young people die every week from undiagnosed cardiac conditions, would you know what to do to save somebody?


If someone got knocked off their bike, would you know the most important thing to do?

Half way through a cycling challenge from Newcastle to London, Adrian was hit by a 2 tonne car travelling at 60 mph. At that speed, there’s more than a 95% chance you’ll die.


If someone was attacked with acid, would you know what to do to help?

On the last day of a volunteering trip in Zanzibar, 18-year-old Katie was innocently walking down the street when a moped pulled up beside her and threw acid all over her body.


If your friend was having a bad reaction to ecstasy, would you know how to spot it?

16-year-old Lewis and his best mate Luke were celebrating their last day of school by having a night out on ecstasy. When they took too many pills, things spun out of control.


If someone was being mauled by a dog, would you know how to stop it?

13-year-old Nick was waiting to play football when his mate’s dog began to maul him. Struggling to battle it off, a neighbor bravely stepped in to try and save his life.

Series 2: How Not to Die on Holiday

How Not To Die on Holiday focuses on life threatening situations that young people may encounter on holiday.


23-year-old Jack was on the first night of a stag-do in Magaluf when he fell two stories from his hotel balcony. He was lucky to survive and is still recovering now. This is his extraordinary story.

Every summer in the party towns of Europe, dozens of tourists fall from balconies. Last year 23 brits suffered serious falls in Majorca and Ibiza alone. 6 of them died. Would you know what to do if you saw someone fall? And what is the one key thing to remember to keep yourself safe?


23-year-old Ross was travelling in rural Thailand when he offered Aimie a ride on the back of his moped. The resulting crash would leave both of them with consequences that will last the rest of their lives.

In South-East Asia mopeds and motorcycles have become a popular way to travel, despite the fact they are often unlicensed and unchecked. In Thailand alone they are the cause of 44 deaths a day.


On holiday in Northumberland, 16-year-old Evan was caught in a rip current which dragged him out into the freezing North Sea. As he fought to stay afloat, his dad and friends watched helplessly from the shore, fearing they might be watching him drown.

Wherever there is breaking surf, there is also the risk of rip currents. These powerful water flows cause the majority of lifeguard incidents in the U.K. Would you be able to survive being caught in one?


22-year-old Rhianna was completely buried under a meter of snow when an avalanche hit her skiing party in Austria. She died under the snow, but thanks to the swift actions of her friends she was revived. Her brush with death has changed her outlook on life forever.

If you get trapped under freezing snow during an avalanche, your chances of survival drop fast after the first 15 minutes. Would you know what to do to stay alive? And would you have the knowledge to save your friends if they were trapped?


Best Short Form Format in the Broadcast Digital Awards - nominee

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How Not To Die
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