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Growing Up Poor: Lads

Duration: 1 x 57'

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A striking and sensitive documentary that follows three very different teenage boys growing up and struggling to survive on benefits.

Filmed over one summer this sensitive documentary follows three very different teenage boys. All on the cusp of adulthood and dealing with the normal pressures of growing up with one similarity – they are all surviving on benefits.

Craig doesn’t want to leave home but his mum’s lost her job and cannot keep the house, leaving him unsure of where to go or what to do. After growing up with no father figure, Wes is determined to be part of his son’s life.

However being there and financially supporting him are two different things, so finding work is a priority in a city where jobs are scarce. Life on the streets means the smallest mistake can affect your entire future, as Frankie knows only too well. He’s a changed person now and has a plan, but in a recession just getting a chance is hard enough.

Each of the guys lets you into their world, and we witness them trying to make their dreams come true.

What the Press Say:

“A sobering conclusion underlines how markedly the odds are stacked against the trio – and young people in general” – The Guardian
“Pick of the day” Sunday Times
“Dave Foulkes’ excellent, unflinching film” – The Times 

For BBC 3

Growing Up Poor: Lads
Growing Up Poor: Lads
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