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Inside the Bruderhof

Duration: 1 x 38'

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This revealing documentary looks inside a hidden religious society where members live a unique way of life, free of money, possessions, crime and homelessness.

With unique access to this historically private community, which has lived outside of mainstream society for over 50 years, this film follows one young resident who is questioning her future.

The Bruderhof was founded in Germany and has communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Paraguay, and Australia. Everyone has a job, but no one earns a salary, and none of the children watch television, use social media, play video games or even have a mobile phone.

This fascinating documentary holds a mirror up to modern life; with its consumerist concerns, high crime and deprivation rates and looks at this community’s simple and arguably utopian way of life, whilst exploring the personal cost and sacrifice required to live there.

For BBC2

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