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The Real Derry: Jamie-Lee O'Donnell

Duration: 1 x 52'

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This insightful documentary follows Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, one of the stars of Channel 4’s award-winning comedy series Derry Girls, as she documents the city’s complex past and explores with a new generation, what it’s like to grow up in Derry today.

With her trademark wit and warmth, Jamie-Lee documents the city’s complex past and offers her own personal insight into her Catholic upbringing. This film gives a voice to a new generation, as they share what it’s like to grow up in a society still carrying the scars of The Troubles.

On a visit to her old school, St Cecilia’s College, Jamie-Lee finds out what life is like for young people today and how many of the younger generation feel the impact of the Troubles despite being born after the Good Friday Agreement.

As they enjoy a night out in Derry, Jamie-Lee and her Derry Girls co-star Saoirse Monica Jackson talk about makes their home city so special, and she meets TikTok star Mammy Banter aka Serena Terry to learn how she’s helping local people with their mental health.

She also meets the Churchill Flute Band to learn more about Protestant culture, including one of its members Julie Porter who explains why identity is so important to her community.

Jamie-Lee also joins internationally renowned actress Bronagh Gallagher to take part in an emotionally charged commemoration service to mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

While Derry Girls has brought a unique insight into the city and its people, this film gives a voice to a new generation of its young people, as they tell Jamie-Lee what it’s like to grow up there today, in a society still carrying the physical and emotional scars of The Troubles.

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