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Kidnapped by my Father

Duration: 1 x 58'

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This remarkable film follows the story of Jackie Saleh as she is reunited with one of her children three decades after they were kidnapped and taken to Yemen.

Jackie has lived through every mother’s worst nightmare. Back in 1986, her world was shattered when her husband abducted her three young daughters from their home and took them to Yemen. Her youngest daughter, Safia, was just a toddler.

Now, over three decades on, Safia is finally coming home and Jackie travels to the airport to meet the daughter she doesn’t really know. Safia doesn’t speak English and is coming to Cardiff with her husband and four children – four grandchildren Jackie has never met.

Safia and her family have suffered in the civil war in Yemen, including their house being bombed. Can mother and daughter start to make up for a lost childhood and begin a new relationship?


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