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God’s Cadets

Duration: 1 x 78'

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Filmed inside the closed community of the Officer’s Training College, this documentary explores an intriguingly eccentric British institution.

To be a Salvation Army Officer you make a lifelong promise “to care for the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, love the unlovable, befriend those who have no friends.” Famous for its brass bands, military uniforms and charity work, we learn, with humorous comparisons to Harry Potter and Star Wars, how cadets living on a small Officer’s allowance sign up to fight a spiritual war.

What the Press Say:

“This 90-minute portrait was so interesting because it left unresolved the question of whether the movement is a sect or not. It would be as closed as the Hasidic communities of Stamford Hill, were it not for its practice of plunging into the sea of povert” Christopher Howse – Daily Telegrpah
“This documentary was full of interesting insights. If you’re sick of those supposedly “behind-the-scenes” workplace documentaries where there’s never a cross word, then this was an unexpected dose of candour.”Ellen Jones – The Independent
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God’s Cadets
God’s Cadets
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