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School of Hard Tricks

Duration: 3 x 30' / 3 x 60'

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In this unique series, six strangers, battling personal challenges of their own, have just three weeks to join forces and master the art of magic.

The six disenfranchised youths, hand-picked by three professional magicians, gain access to the most unique of places. The School of Hard Tricks resembles an urban Hogwarts set within an iconic mill where three world class masters of sleight of hand and misdirection bestow their secrets on the chosen few.

Can the chosen six learn the skills needed to astound and amaze? They have to give it everything as they have three weeks to learn, practice and perfect their skills in order to entertain the public. We see them take their magic to the streets and then perform in their own Magic Show in a packed-out theatre. Will they be exposed under the theatre lights or will they shine?

What the Press Say:

Daily Mail - “If you're a big fan of Dynamo and Harry Potter chances are you'll love this new 3 part series which is a cross between the two!”

For BBC3

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