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Single Mums Do Opera

Duration: 1 x 60'

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This funny film follows award-winning performance artist, Bryony Kimmings, as she creates an opera inspired by the lives of single mums.

Bryony recently became a single mother and consequently has been worrying about money, worrying about childcare, and worrying about ensuring her kid grows up to be a good citizen of the world. All of this whilst simultaneously trying to process a relationship breakdown and the feelings of anger and betrayal left in its wake. All of a sudden her life felt very dramatic. Very Operatic.

Inspired by the lives of single mums she meets along the way, and informed by a range of people she meets at the English National Opera, will Bryony pull off the task she’s set herself of writing, casting and rehearsing and then finally performing an operetta in front of an audience?

For BBC4

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