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No Place To Call Home

Duration: 1 x 59'

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This sensitive film highlights the destructive impact that homelessness and eviction have on young lives, and the suffering effect on their future.

Dry statistics show how living with such uncertainty effects children’s education, physical and mental health, and their future life chances.

BAFTA winning film-maker, Jezza Neumann, follows two families for 18 months, from before they are evicted by their private landlords, through over a year in a homeless hostel, and months of sofa-surfing with friends and family. Throughout this ordeal eleven-year-old Ellie, and ten-year-old JJ, remain cheerful and resilient – trying to see what they are going through as an adventure that they will one day look back on and laugh about, once they finally have a home they can call their own.

But we also see the destructive impact that living with such uncertainty has on young lives, as this film brings to life before our eyes the dry statistics about how children’s education, their physical and mental health, and their future chances in life all suffer as a result of homelessness and eviction.

What the Press Say:

“This hard-hitting film follows two families for 18 months as they struggle with life after being evicted, and reveals just how destructive an experience it can be – even if it starts out like an adventure.” – The Daily Mail

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No Place To Call Home
No Place To Call Home
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