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Celebrity Ghost Hunt: Haunted Holiday

Duration: 6 x 60'

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Host Rylan Clark-Neal is back with his celebrity friends to conduct paranormal investigations into supposed haunted locations across Europe.

Rylan Clark-Neal is going on his summer holidays, but he won’t be sitting by the pool. He is taking his celebrity friends on tour to conduct paranormal investigations into what claim to be the some of the most haunted locations across Europe.

For six episodes they’ll be meeting up with local investigators and searching for proof of the spirit world using the latest ghost detecting gear.

From a prison to ancient castles, abandoned hotel to historic houses, Rylan’s ghost hunting team leave no stone unturned in their search. Expect scares and jumps as the celebrities battle their fears and come face to face with unexplained phenomena.

Episode 1 – Wicklow Gaol

Rylan kicks off his holidays with a visit to Ireland. Wicklow Gaol was, for more than three hundred years, a place of horrendous atrocities; torture, starvation and death. Locally it was known as the ‘Gates of Hell’, with more than 13 prisoners sharing a cell and over 800 in one cell block.

Joining Rylan on his haunted holiday are three celebrities hoping to find proof of the paranormal. Love Island and Geordie Shore’s Sam Gowland will be disappointed to find there are no beaches where he’s going, but he does have Simon Webbe from boy band Blue to watch his back. And Celebs Go Dating expert Nadia Essex has returned for more unexpected encounters.

Together, with a local investigator, they search the dungeon and cells to try and communicate with the spirits. Along the way, there are many shocks and scares in store, with Rylan and our celebs too terrified to stay in certain parts of the building. What is the source of the noises they hear, and are they being watched? Is the glass and Sam’s pendant proof of the paranormal? Who, or what, knocked the lantern, and will the celebrities make it through the night behind bars?

Episode 2 – Loftus Hall

Rylan and the team continue their haunted holiday in Ireland, visiting Loftus Hall on the south coast. Built atop a cliff on the site of an 11th Century Castle, this abandoned manor house is regarded as one of the country’s most haunted locations.

Undaunted from their experiences at Wicklow Gaol, Celebs Go Dating’s resident expert Nadia Essex, Geordie Shore’s Sam Gowland and Blue’s Simon Webbe are once again on the look-out for Irish spirits.

Together, with a local investigator, they search the halls and stairways of this decrepit stately home to try and find proof of the paranormal. What will they make of the legend of the dark stranger, and the former resident said to have died from madness in the Tapestry Room? With reports of mysterious footsteps and voices being heard, the team are sure for a lively evening. But will they make it through the night unscathed?

Episode 3 – Chateau de Puymartin

Rylan’s road trip across Europe continues, and tonight he’s in France investigating the 13th Century Chateau de Puymartin. This ancient castle was built to defend the region from the English, and has had a turbulent history. Local legend says the North Tower is haunted by a former resident, and there have been many accounts of violent and unexplained activity.

Joining Rylan on his investigation are three celebrities keen to find out the truth behind the tales. Now a veteran ghost hunter, Towie’s Bobby Norris returns to the show. Alongside Bobby is presenter Joe Swash and Made in Chelsea’s Mark Francis.

What will the team find as they ascend the North Tower, and will they experience for themselves the strange occurrences reported here before? Together they investigate the grand hall, the bedroom and guard room, before finally entering the cell. It’s going to be a long night, and with the chateau’s history, will they be welcome?

Episode 4 – Chateau de Fougeret

Rylan investigates Chateau de Fougeret. He’s joined again by Towie’s Bobby Norris, Made in Chelsea’s Mark Francis and presenter Joe Swash.

Lost and abandoned for many years, Fougeret has become a notorious location for ghost hunters and paranormal investigations. On reopening the castle it’s current owners immediately reported strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena, and many of the rooms feel as though the previous occupants have just mysteriously vanished.

As the team make their way through the corridors and bedrooms of this ancient chateau they uncover tragic stories. Is it the spirit of Alice that haunts the team on the second floor? Will Bobby have any luck with the handsome young soldier? Who is making contact through the spirit board? The investigation of Chateau de Fougeret tests Rylan and the celebs to their limit.

Episode 5 – Hotel Waldlust

Where better to come on a haunted holiday than the heart of the Black Forest? Rylan brings three celebs to an abandoned hotel in an area said to have inspired not only the famous gateau, but also the terrible tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Love Island’s Georgia Harrison returns, determined that this time she will find evidence that ghosts really do exist. Diags from TOWIE is sceptical at first, can he be convinced? Lastly, former Emmerdale actress and presenter Roxanne Pallett joins the investigation, and is not quite sure what she’s let herself in for.

For years the Schlosshotel Waldlust hosted celebrities and royalty, and was the place to be seen. But it’s fortunes changed, and the hotel has been left to decay. With five floors and hundreds of bedrooms to explore, Rylan and the celebs won’t be getting any rest. The guests have all checked out, but is there still someone, or something, walking the corridors of the Waldlust?

Episode 6 – Schloss Hohenstadt

It’s the final night of Rylan’s haunted holiday, and he’s saved the best, or possibly the worst, until last. Love Island’s Georgia Harrison, Diags from TOWIE and actress Roxanne Pallett join Rylan again as he conducts a paranormal investigation at the Schloss Hohenstadt in Germany.

Built over six hundred years ago in a defensive position high on a hillside, the castle has been in the same family for half a millennia. Stories of it’s tragic past have been passed down the generations, and the current residents have themselves experienced violent phenomena.

Our team is led by the Countess herself, and any initial scepticism about what they might find is dispelled. A figure is seen on the stairs, causing Rylan to flee in panic. Could it be a distant relation of the Countess? Who is Irma and what is the significance of the bathroom? Inexplicable sounds and sights guide our intrepid investigators to the Knights Ballroom, where they attempt to undertake a spirit board. However, there’s a shock in store for one person in particular, a very personal message that causes great distress.

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