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The Hidden World of Hospitality with Tom Kerridge

Duration: 8 x 60'

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In this series, Michelin Star chef Tom Kerridge takes us behind the closed doors of some of the most interesting hospitality businesses, to reveal what goes into delivering the perfect customer experience.

Soaring highs, nail-biting lows: working in hospitality is one of the best jobs in the world but also one of the most pressurised – and never more so than today.

In this eight-part series, Tom will meet passionate, visionary, obsessive characters, and uncover the secrets to their success as well as the challenges they face.  Tom will celebrate their skill and creativity, offering hard-earned advice when needed, as well as taking onboard a few lessons himself.

From pubs and cafes to restaurants and hotels, wedding venues and caterers to pop-up food stalls and festivals – this is the hidden story of the hospitality industry; how it works, how it’s evolving, and how to survive and thrive in it.

Episode 1

Tom meets chefs who, like him, are obsessed with the pursuit of culinary excellence. 

Episode 2

Tom meets brave and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.

Episode 3

In this episode Tom turns the spotlight on staffing, discovering how some businesses are finding clever ways to build and retain strong, effective teams.

Episode 4

Tom meets trailblazing operators who are risking everything to redefine the British pub.

Episode 5

This time, our attention is turned to street food, which is experiencing something of a boom when the industry is struggling.

Episode 6

In the latest part Tom looks at the  sharp peaks and troughs in revenue for hospitality businesses. 

Episode 7

Tom visits three restaurants hoping to expand their businesses. 

Episode 8

This episode sees Tom look at how great Hospitality operators and how the industry delivers exceptional service on a huge scale





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