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Lazy Car Dealer

Duration: 10 x 52'

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A refreshing 10-part series that features “Alan”, a car dealer with a difference. He refuses to follow the crowd. He only buys cars that ‘float his boat’ and if they don’t sell he keeps them or destroys them.

Alan along with his hairy friend Nick, buys, fixes and deals in odd cars - he's a car dealer. A very good car dealer! But not like a car dealer you’ve ever seen before.

He has a natural eye for the weird, wonderful and under-priced but a normal dealer wants turnover, Alan just wants to maximize daylight hours by having fun. So he needs to make enough money to do all these things, but just enough to scrape by. Not too much graft!!

He might do a deal on a fantastic Mercedes found in a barn or might spot a rare motorbike at the back of a shed in a probate sale. But he might also crush one of his 125-strong car collection just for fun. He might drive to Scotland in a mis-firing Renault 5. He might stay in bed all day, or he might go and buy a pig and teach it to dance.

This fun and factual show, gets to the nub of men’s passions where cars and machines are involved. It’s a series with rich content, free-flowing narratives and strong entertainment values....and it’s all for real!

Episode 1 Vauxhall Calibra Sale

Episode 2 Volvo Limo & Vauxhall Astra

Episode 3 Racing Hearse & CR-V Pace Car

Episode 4 Knackered Nissan Micra & Diesel Peugeot

Episode 5 Triumph Herald Barn Find & Flipping Peugeot

Episode 6 No -Top Jaguar & John Deere Gator Rescue

Episode 7 Rare Renault 4 Rehab

Episode 8 Reliant Robin Showdown

Episode 9 Mobility Scooter Jousting

Episode 10 Scrap Car Shot Put

Social Media Stats:

‘I really enjoy this show, I look forward to it every week! Lots of silliness and laughs and it’s not your typical car show which is what I love most about it. Alan is an adult child and loves to have fun and my heart goes out to Nick his best mate who just wants to make some money. I look forward to seeing what shenanigans they get up to next!’

‘This show is fantastically funny and highly entertaining. It’s had me laughing so hard water was coming out of my eyes.’

‘Like all reality tv, I’m sure some of the things that happen are probably scripted, but it’s done well and is incredibly funny. The narrators sarcastic dry sense humour is great, and I love Alan’s farm. Great show!’

‘This show is light hearted, fun and entertaining to watch. While we found this show on a whim, we have thoroughly enjoyed following Alan’s life as a car dealer trying to make a profit.’

‘What a wonderful show and something totally different for car fan. There’s no unrealistic budget’s, just friends and family mucking about, having a laugh and making a bob. A great selection of cars and laughs.’

‘I think Alan’s providing a great service by saving all these cars from rotting to waste and selling them on for a reasonable price. He seems to be very resourceful and loves what he does! We definitely need more shows like this one!’

‘This show is a lot of fun to watch. It doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. A nice way to escape the troubles of the day by watching a family have a good time. The narrators dry cracks are a nice touch as well.’

‘This is definitely my new favourite show! Absolutely hilarious. It’s great to see a real show with real people living their life. I hope there’s more seasons of this to come in the future!’

For Discovery Motor Trend US

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