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Rookie Nurses

Duration: 5 x 30'

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Seven nurses, fresh out of university and in at the deep end! From blue light arrivals to amputations and strokes, each one has to be ready for whatever comes through the doors.

They may be newly-qualified but dealing with life and death situations and everything in between is a daily reality for the rookie nurses.

Episode 1

This time, Mikey, 22, is part of the trauma team who help a teenage rugby player brought in by ambulance with severe concussion. 

Leah, 24, is unphased when a patient arrives having suffered a freak lawnmower accident which led to an amputation. Amid medical dramas on the wards, there’s a big moment for health care assistant Caitlin who, after years of studying, is on her way to collect her new nurses uniform, and is so excited to join her colleagues in her new blue uniform!

Episode 2

Back on the wards, we follow the young nurses as they deal with all kinds of medical challenges thrown their way. There’s no easing in for very newly-qualified Caitlin who has to learn fast in her first week in A&E. Across the ward, her friend and colleague Mikey battles to keep a patient with severe hypothermia alive. 

On the Stroke Unit, a visit from Nelly the pet therapy dog lifts not just the patients’ spirits, but the nurses too, while nurse Gina helps keeps moral high on the ward with her funny banter.  

Episode 3

Nurse Leah has spent almost two months helping a patient who’s from the same farming community as her recover after surgery. It’s a sad but proud moment when he’s finally well enough to leave. Despite trying to stay out of trouble, nurse Mikey faces all the ward banter as suspect number one when a vital medicine machine malfunctions. Meanwhile Caitlin faces her first shift in Resus as a qualified nurse. She holds her own well but has a patient whose case shows just how fast things can take a turn in A&E.

Episode 4

Nurse Issie, 23, is literally the one holding the phone when an emergency call comes in to the Stroke Unit. She’s happy that she is growing in confidence in helping stroke patients when they arrive, but is quickly reminded she has a lot to learn and experience to gain. 

Meanwhile in A&E, nurse Mikey helps a man blue-lighted in after he was knocked off his bike by a car. Caitlin deals with a patient who has been admitted after having seizures, while in rheumatology, nurse Nivea is keen to retain her title as the cannulation queen.

Episode 5

Leah faces her biggest challenge so far when one of her patients tells her that he wants to die. Angelo has to keep up with a ward full of patients on the banter front while Mikey thinks he’s seen it all in A&E when a patient comes in who has accidently been run over by his wife. 

Despite the pressures, the newly-qualified nurses all reflect on how far they’ve come including colleagues and friends Gina and Issie whose months of work with stroke patients has seen them make huge progress. 



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