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Lawn and Order: Keep off the Grass

Duration: 1 x 60'

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This evergreen programme uncovers everything there is to know about lawns! With top experts and the opportunity to explore some pristine gardens and stately homes.

Following 4 larger than life characters obsessed with their patch of grass, we’ll learn the secrets of their mowing techniques, the precision of the perfect patterns they create, and the jealousy it can cause with partners as this lawn really is their life!

Also featured is the ‘Pepsi’ challenge, real vs fake - one of the most hotly debated topic after Brexit…and dive into the depths a la Honey I Shrunk The Kids to find out what REALLY goes on between the blades.

And experts tell us everything we need to know about our lawns, including some history and how to look after them through the different seasons.

Plus we’ll visit the grounds of perfectly manicured lawns of stately homes and football pitches and discover what it takes to keep them so pristine.

With top Tips and tricks on how to improve your lawn from prize-winning lawn fanatics.

For Channel 5

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