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Monkey World - Little Monsters

Duration: 1 x 52'

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In this fascinating special, we follow the Monkey World team as they strive to save the Slow Loris, a remarkable secretive and nocturnal primate.

We learn about the secret life of an unusual and tiny nocturnal primate, the slow loris. This little known species looks cute, but appearances can be deceiving, they have two tongues and a toxic bite so have been nicknamed little monsters.

For more than a decade Monkey World’s sister sanctuary Dao Tien have been fighting to save this species from poachers and the illegal pet trade. We follow their journey to rescue, rehabilitate and release Pygmy slow loris back into the wild. But as illegal pet trade becomes a global problem, Monkey World will have to go further than ever before to protect these primates.

We follow Dr Alison Cronin as she rescues Bengal slow loris from the Maldives, Hong Kong and the Lebanon, all have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade and can’t be returned to the wild. She sets up a new home for them at Monkey World so they can live a more natural life and in doing so, the team can learn how to care for and protect this endangered species.

From nurturing new lives to mending years of damage - this is the story of one team's efforts to save these remarkable Little Monsters.

For Sky Nature

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