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What To Buy And Why

Duration: 6 x 30'

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This informative series enlists the help of top industry experts to get the inside track on the latest products. Set in a variety of locations including stately homes, opera houses and film studios this series shows you how to shop like a professional.

TVs, cordless appliances, coffee machines and activity trackers undergo rigorous test challengers conducted by expert craftsmen, engineers and designers. What to Buy and Why aims to help viewers become more savvy shoppers!

Episode 1
In this episode, elite athletes decide whether splashing out on an activity tracker is the best way to hit those new year fitness targets, and we conduct the ultimate drop test to find out if cases really do protect the screen of your mobile phone.

Episode 2
The elite groundsmen from English Heritage’s most visited palace road test the latest gardening equipment. The programme also asks whether compact cameras should be ditched in favour of smart phones, and investigates whether travelling abroad to buy cosmetics could save money.

Episode 3
The engineers who run the Blackpool Illuminations discuss how to slash lighting bills, top audio visual engineers offer advice on which TVs to invest in, and the show investigates whether shops are misleading us about thread count when we buy bed linen.

Episode 4
Go backstage in the West End’s largest theatre to find out if the wardrobe department would buy a steam generator iron and if the prop builders think there is any point investing in a budget power tool. Also, are runners being misled about the protection offered to buy them expensive trainers?

Episode 5
The Michelin-starred chefs at Edinburgh’s most prestigious hotel put the latest food processors to the test and reveal the surprising appliance they think could revolutionise home cooking. And how to beat the subliminal tricks used by shops to entice you to spend more.

Episode 6
Find out if cordless vacuums are worth buying and investigate if there is a way to avoid spending hundreds on a coffee machine. And which luggage to buy for maximum protection when taking belongings abroad.

For BBC2

What To Buy And Why
What To Buy And Why
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