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Inside Jaguar - Shorts

Duration: 8 x 9-12'

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With exclusive behind the scenes access to Jaguar’s new classic works, this insightful series of short films document the re-engineering of the Jaguar XKSS a model which lays claims to being the world’s first supercar.

A true engineering adventure, this incredible documentary follows a small team of 21st Century automotive artisans and world-class engineers as they hand build the Jaguar XKSS, from scratch.

These films offer classic car enthusiasts a unique and exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes at Jaguar’s new Classic Works and some of the private workshops supporting the project, for example the race engine manufacturer and the specialist paint shop.

They explore the meticulous manufacturing entailed in restoring a 1950s super car, nearly 60 years after it was engulfed in a factory fire.

Specifically, master metalworkers who hand craft the stunning new body shell from sheet metal and the new race engine remanufactured from the crank up. The chassis frames undergo bronze welding and the windscreen is created in a giant pressure cooker.

Automotive alchemy create the super car’s chrome bling and a military grade, foam filled fuel tank is a surprising, F1-inspired finishing touch.

This is a true engineering adventure and a world first. Today they are amongst the most sought after cars in the world, the originals pricing at around £15 million apiece.

Episode 1

Race bred, rarer than hen's teeth and ridiculously expensive: Jaguar's iconic XKSS.

Episode 2

Automotive artisans hand craft the 1950s supercar bodyshell from sheet metal.

Episode 3

World-renowned engine builders remanufacture the 1950s race engine from the crank up.

Episode 4

Sixty years on, Jaguar engineers begin the big cat build. Seven weeks and counting...

Episode 5

Paintwork pampering, supercar style. Ten coats over two weeks, and polished to perfection.

Episode 6

A trim specialist joins the team to begin crafting the supercar's slick soft furnishings.

Episode 7

Focus turns to the finishing touches: fixtures, fittings and a foam-filled F1 fuel tank.

Episode 8

Fully fleshed out and ready to roar, the supercar big cat is born again.

For Channel 4

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