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How The Rich Live Longer

Duration: 1 x 60'

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Dr Christian Jessen explores a health industry that’s dedicated to keeping only the very richest fit and healthy. 

Many of us are living longer, healthier lives but the rich are pulling away from the rest of us and living even longer. For this documentary Dr Jessen’s embarks on a journey to find out the reasons behind this phenomenon. He explores a health industry that has grown parallel to the NHS and one that’s dedicated to keeping the wealthy fit and healthy. It’s a world away from Bupa and available only to the very richest, where eye watering amounts of money are spent on treatments in the belief they can ward off old age, illness and death. 

Dr Jessen casts his expert eye over what is on offer and where possible experiencing first-hand the high end detoxes, medical MOTs and new-fangled therapies. He asks if they can help explain “How the Rich Live Longer”.

For Channel 4

How The Rich Live Longer
How The Rich Live Longer
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