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Squad Dates

Group Dating meets Travelogue

Duration: Series/Single

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Welcome to Squad Dates, the new group dating show where finding love and exploring friendship are front and centre. Inspired by the trend of two sets of single friends getting together for a weekend of group dates, to see if love is on the cards.

In the rented Squad Pad, the six singletons enjoy dating games, a hot tub and get to know each other in a homely setting. Over a long weekend, they also pair off for three distinct, fun-filled group dates – the Hometown Highlight, a popular local daytime activity, Going Out Out – which includes a glam up, dinner then drinks and dancing on the town, then finally Squad Brunch to mop up any hangovers, on the last morning in the Squad Pad.

Squad Dates is both a modern dating show and also a disguised travelogue, showcasing towns and cities.

There’s flirting, fun and new friendships formed across the jam-packed long weekend, as the two distinct groups find some surprising common ground.

For BBC 3