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Bargain Shop Wars

Duration: 6 x 30'

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This entertaining series goes behind the scenes of Britain’s newest discount fashion chain. 

Each episode captures the madness and mayhem as they try to become the cheapest on the high street, and follows the daily working lives of staff from the high pressure of head office to the daily struggles on the shop floor and we meet the funny, savvy and insightful shoppers who will do anything to bag a bargain. Plus, we learn the secrets of how high street retailers really work.

Episode One: On your marks, get set, sell….
This episode follows the tensions, tears and comedy as Pep & Co spend 20 million pounds in a high risk roll out of 50 stores across the country and take on the giants of discount retail.  In Corby new shop manager and perfectionist, Sue, struggles to open her new store on an arch rival’s patch and attracts an unexpected visit from the competition. And in a bid to enter the ultra-competitive menswear market, head office gamble on ditching their homeware range to launch a men’s line instead.  We see the new line, from head office decision making via the factory to the shop floor…. but will it prove a costly mistake that threatens to derail the new chain?

Episode Two: The good, the bad & the thrifty
This episode follows the drama, comedy and fancy footwork as Pep & Co launch their first ever sale. With almost a thousand items priced at a pound or under they still take the bold decision to slash prices by up to 70%, but will it be enough to lure customers away from their bargain retail rivals? There’s bad news in Bolton, just a few months after opening the store is failing to attract the savvy shoppers of the town. It’s down to the company’s youngest manager Beth to think smart and act fast to save her store. And in the fast paced world of fast fashion the buying team make a costly mistake and order thirty thousand of the wrong jumpers. Will they find a way to shift their bad buy or will it be a costly mistake for the fledgling company?

Episode Three – Gimme, gimme, gimme!
The bargain battle on the high street continues with more antics. In this episode, the new kids on the bargain block face the challenge of supplying to the fast and sometimes fickle demand of the bargain customer. Shoppers can’t get enough of Pep & Co’s bargain black leggings, but there’s chaos for the management team as on the shop floor stock levels dwindle. The race is on to get them back in stores before punters go to the competition.  Whilst in Birkenhead, in the post-sale slump of early spring, store manager Caroline, has lots of supply but no demand.  Prepared to do anything to get customers through her doors, the latest idea is to use ‘pester power’ to get the shoppers in. Caroline recruits local school kids to spend a day working on the shop floor in the hope that they will bring in their parents to spend, spend, spend!  And in Paisley, the male staff are finding it hard to charm the ladies with their sales patter. So, before the MD, Adrian inspects, shop boss, Angela, is pulling out all the stops to get her male work force up to scratch as well as carrying out her own market research to find out what the people of Paisley want. The legging lovers of Paisley are demanding brown leggings but will MD Adrian be able to supply them with what they want? And will one of the few clothing manufactures left in the United Kingdom rise to the challenge and give the customer exactly what they want?

Episode Four – How low can you go?
In this episode, the new kids on the bargain block step into the fiercely competitive arena of school uniforms. Trading Director Cathy has introduced a £1 school polo shirt, which she hopes will win them the Bargain Shop Wars, so she takes a risk and supersizes her bulk order. The school uniform range is put to the test with a muddy fun filled trial by a bunch of kids. At HQ, Chairman Andy Bond decides to take on the supermarket juggernauts – one of them already has a money back guarantee that their school uniform range will withstand 100 days of wear and tear. A cheeky move from Pep&Co sees them guarantee their range for 101 days- a day more than the supermarket giant! In Salford, super seller Paula sets herself the goal of selling more than 8 times her weekly target. But has she bitten off more than she can chew? And just when you think prices can’t get any lower, the company opens a clearance floor above their Derby store where knickers are down to just 30p! But even at these prices will the customer be tempted to spend, spend, spend?

Episode Five – Job’s a good ‘un!
The fight for fast fashion is hotting up, so in this episode Pep and Co launch an in-house competition to keep staff at the top of their game. War breaks out in two of their Birmingham stores as the two managers, Sam and Michelle go head to head.  There’s retail espionage and up-selling as the rivals fight it out to be ‘Top of the Shops’. The relentless wheel of recruitment hits the company hard as they face replacing two managers…. The pressure on for Area Manager, Heidi to fill the posts fast before the stores start to suffer. Heidi’s looking for someone with the X-factor to join the Pep team but will the candidates make the right impression?

Episode Six – The heat is on!
At Pep&Co’s HQ, Adrian’s facing his biggest battle yet as he takes on the Great British weather. The first big Bank Holiday weekend is crucial for all retailers but with snow predicted and the shops are full of summer clothes, will it be boom or bust in the Bargain Shop Wars. In The Midlands, one of Pep and Co’s rivals invades their turf so Head of Stores, Darren readies his troops to engage in some crafty tactics in a bid to fight back.


Bargain Shop Wars
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