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William & Harry: Princes at War?

Duration: 1 x 45'

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With a combination of archive and interviews we explore the truth behind the headlines. Is there really a war between Prince William and Prince Harry?

As speculation heats up around Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s relationship, are the rumours of a rift true? Are we heading for a royal show down or is it something that has been blown up by the media?

The two Princes have grown up in the media spotlight and are rumoured to have grown apart. They now have separate charities, split social media accounts, different staff and two households.

Stylishly shot with credible interviews, we reveal the truth behind the rumours. We analyse how this sibling relationship has changed over the years, from the strong bond formed, to meeting their new wives and starting a family of their own. We ask what the future holds for the brothers and the ‘Fab Four’.

For Channel 5

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