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Stop! Roadworks Ahead

Duration: 6 x 60'

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A fun series following the maintenance men and women who look after our busiest roads and poshest postcodes. These kings of the road take on the daunting task of putting our highways from hell to highways of heaven.

Episode 1
Steve and Robbie have an epic resurfacing of a dual carriageway to carry out, but it hits the skids when the late arrival of the cone lorry needed to shut off the road is closely followed by the no-show of the tar truck.

Episode 2
A humpback bridge is in danger of collapsing onto a railway line, Dave nearly gets mown down by a wayward driver, and Councillor Ruth gets drenched on her way to work.

Episode 3
Tempers fray as night-time road works take a wrong turn, a gulley clearing crew keep the drains free from muck, and a simple pothole repair runs into trouble.

Episode 4
‘Work wives’ Mick and Wayne have a tiff over who is responsible for repairing a damaged driveway, while Jim’s work site is raided by thieves.

Episode 5
Dave tackles the most pothole-pitted road in Britain, Mick faces a 60-year-old collapsed drainpipe, and Richard and Andy clean up one of the nation’s poshest postcodes.

Episode 6
Andy has to rebuild a 100-year-old bridge in Colchester. With the job already running six months over schedule, the site under constant risk of flooding, and residents’ complaints ringing in his ears, could he be about to chuck it all in?

For Channel 5

Stop! Roadworks Ahead
Stop! Roadworks Ahead
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