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Locked In: Breaking the Silence

Duration: 1 x 52' / 1 x 75'

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This intimate, personal and surprisingly life-affirming film follows director, Xavier Alford, as he tries to make sense of the illness that has taken over his life in the only way he knows how…by making a film about it. 

Xavier is finally confronting a rare neurological illness he has been hiding from family, close friends and even himselfWhat is it like to get a diagnosis of an incredibly rare condition that turns the world as you know it upside down? Confronting his fears for the first time, he finds talking with fellow patients and his family makes their bonds even stronger. 

To grasp what it means for his body, his career and his family, Xavier meets other people who have a condition closely related to his, Guillain-Barré syndrome, each shining an unfiltered light on the disability caused by the disease. He’s confronted with the seriousness of the condition when some of the patients he meets are on the edge of life, locked in their own bodies, completely paralysed and unable to move a single muscle, while their brains remain unaffected.

This film offers, with unflinching positivity, a fresh perspective on coping mechanisms and the recovery from virus-related diseases.

What the Press Say:

  • The Guardian **** - "Though the case studies are interesting, Alford’s film becomes truly illuminating as he probes this ethical territory in his own life. What is the level of responsibility he has the right to expect of his wife, Anna, and children – and his own obligations to communicate his inner experience to them?"
  • The Independent - '‘Locked In: Breaking The Silence’ Is A Moving Self-Reflection" and "will have its audience on the edge of their seats."

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