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Animal Airlift: Escaping the Taliban

Duration: 1 x 52'

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Following the West's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, this revealing account tells the story of the controversial evacuation of Pen Farthing’s Afghan animal shelter. Pen worked relentlessly to ensure the safe evacuation of his staff, their families, and the stray animals they sheltered. Pulling on the heartstrings of the government and the media, it quickly becomes a massive story.

With exclusive access to Pen Farthing and never before seen footage from his personal archive, this film examines why a nation was so vocal, both for and against, the idea of saving animals when so many humans were at risk. It questions whether Pen and the team were wrong to front the campaign with images of animals and explores whether he would have been able to save his staff and their families if had he not done so.

Did we as a nation use this as an opportunity to ignore what was really going in Afghanistan? Did this media furore distract the MOD from safely evacuating countless others in desperate need?


What the Press Say:

Guardian - brilliant and damning TV

This gripping documentary shows the shambles that allowed a charity to prioritise dogs over people in the desperate evacuation of Kabul – and the death threats that followed. 

For Channel 4

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